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Evolution at the Edge

At Dell Technologies World this year, customers and journalists were curious about trends I am seeing in the marketplace and predictions for the future. I shared my views on the impact of 5G , how AI and IoT are continuing to intersect, and the need for businesses to have consistent, flexible infrastructure to quickly adapt….

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Important Notice: [Stack-Auditor] Stack Auditor version 0.0.3 contains an issue with change-stack command. Please install a later version.

We have identified an issue with Stack Auditor version 0.0.3 and the change-stack command. In some cases, the wrong application will attempt to change stacks if another application with the same name exists in a different space. A fix has been included in the latest release of Stack Auditor (0.0.4). It is recommended that all…

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Why Does Hardware Matter in a Software-Defined Data Center?

Today, organizations with a modernized infrastructure (aka “modernized” firms) are much better positioned to handle emerging technologies than their competitors with aging hardware. Modernized firms can quickly scale to meet changing needs. They understand the importance of flexibility, especially when it comes to handling demanding applications and processing the insane amount of data inundating us…

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Power to our Partners

This month, we welcomed roughly 5,000 partners to Las Vegas for our annual Global Partner Summit – our flagship event of the year. I spent the week meeting with partners from around the globe and emphasized three main messages; we are winning, we are investing, and we are innovating. The response was encouraging. To put…

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