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Enhancing Public Safety and Security with AI

Artificial intelligence enables public sector organizations to approach public safety and security concerns with innovative solutions. From strengthening airport security and fighting crime to predicting natural disasters and tracking dangerous viruses, artificial intelligence is now one of the keys to enhancing public safety and security. Moreover, the public sector’s adoption of AI is accelerating as…

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Living on the Disruptive Edge

‘Get Disruptive’ is the theme of Entrepreneurs Organization’s event, EO Alchemy this year – and what a great topic for those creating new businesses! After all, new companies are usually built on the premise of disrupting an existing industry – and of course more and more of today’s disruption is enabled by advances in technology….

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Realize the Potential – with SAP

Find out why the SAP market is the best to be in right now – and how it can benefit your customers, too. In business, it’s always worth doing your research. Figures show[1] high-value workloads including business applications such as SAP are the only on-premise market that’s showing significant growth – which makes it a…

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